RPA & COBOTTA For Conversion Of Bound Documents To Digital Data And Placement Of Seal Stamp On Document Forms

RPA & COBOTTA for Conversion of Bound Documents to Digital Data and Placement of Seal Stamp on Document Form

COBOTTA is a new collaborative robot, whose human-friendly, compact, and portable design allows you to take COBOTTA anywhere, and automate tasks right away. No expert knowledge is required, making operation amazingly easy. Here is the demo of how RPA and the collaborative robot work together to scan, digitalize the documents, and put the stamp on them thereafter. Use of RPA on the cyber side and COBOTTA on the physical one automates simple and unskilled work required after approval of documents. You’ll see a couple of processes:

  1. Conversion of bound documents to digital data
    Two COBOTTA units are used to flip each page and scan it. Create PDF files by scanning the document and RPA reads the title on the document and uses it in the file name by linking with COBOTTA. Panel screen for RPA control allows easy operation.
  2. Placement of seal stamp on document forms
    Image data of documents scanned before and after the placement of seal stamp can be stored.
    To ensure firm contact of inc and stamp face with paper, the robot hand applies pressure in a circular pattern, thus minimizing blur, displacement, and ink bleed. Stamp pressing force is under control so that stamping pressure remains constant regardless of the remaining number of sheets.