RPA for Credit Card Dispute Processing

RPA for Credit Card Dispute Processing

Using intelligent automation technologies, financial institutions can create a simple, consolidated process for serving customers faster and across multiple channels. This demonstration uses intelligent automation and smart workflow to automate repetitive, rule-driven tasks so human employees can spend more time working with customers. These two cases demonstrate common credit card dispute scenarios.

Using intelligent automation, it’s cost-effective for banks to charge all disputes back to credit card vendors, even if the dollar value is low. While these scenarios show Appian with Blueprism, other leading intelligent automation technologies can be used as well. Banks can use these technologies to proactively detect anomalies in accounts and notify the customer. With software robots, they are able to process about 95-100% of chargebacks, including low-dollar-value-chargebacks, saving an estimated 75 to 90 percent per transaction, and avoid write-offs.

Financial institutions can use the same process and solution in call centers and branches to consistently service customers across all customer touchpoints.